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"Encourages interactive co-operation and team work.
Being on the wall it is neater, tidier and less to trip over
and clear up at the end of each 'play' session. Also excellent for physical involvement
as it can require reaching, stretching, bending and balance depending on the construction.
Great for improving posture compared to floor, desk or hand held games.
Gets people moving and planning.
Good for gross motor, fine motor, co-ordination, bilateral hand function and eye-hand co-ordination.
One can learn about colours, angles, gravity, speed, reactions and consequences.
Great for planning skills and 'brainstorming'.
Much excitement and sense of achievement is experienced
when the marble follows to the end of the designed track.
Great for building a good self-esteem because success is always possible."

Mary Wiid


Short review - Currently busy with a full study of Walltrax

Children are the greatest gift from God and the parents have the privilege to surround them with a secure and loving environment, full of opportunities to help them grow to their fullest potential.
The neuro system in the brain could be seen as a beautiful landscape with a brilliant network of tracks with crossings and bridges between rivers and forests leading to a highly skilled community - busy with an important mission.
Every human being is born with millions of neurons with marked sensory and motor pathways and has the potential to become a well, oiled, functional "automobile". The child is now ready for the building process of these well designed tracks and connection stations. The building materials are available in the form of:

� Quality and lots of time with the parents, applying acceptance, affection and affirmation in abundance
� A rich sensory diet with lots of opportunity to explore the environment and his amazing body
� Enough time to process the information and to react to it with an applicable motor response
� Lots of interaction and times of laughter and fun with other people
� Involvement from the parent to attend to the need for stimulation, movement and guidance
� The best possible tools/toys to help build these tracks, connection and relay stations.

is a great example of a concrete building material to help build these tracks and stations, to help communication between these stations and integrating the body and the brain. It stimulates the development of gross and fine motor skills, planning and executing of movement, eye-hand coordination, posture and integration of the two parts of the body. It creates opportunity for the child to stretch, bend, grasp, manipulate , crossing the midline, using both hands together - always working together and towards a touchable end product which are all building blocks for perceptual development.
Walltrax allows the child to dream, design and fashion his/her own creation with lots of opportunity to adjust, evaluate and solve problems. It enhances the integration of the physical, emotional, cognitive and social systems in a natural and fun way - playing an important role in laying a solid foundation for future learning and social interaction.
It is versatile and can be integrated with other toys and existing elements in the home and can create "common ground", allowing young and old to play together.

I would like to see this tool in every house and play group to be explored and enjoyed by as much children as possible.
Walltrax is a fresh breeze in the toy world and I am looking forward to the exploration of this wonderful educational toy.

Karin Neethling
Occupational Therapist
(B Arb Stellenbosch)

A Review of Walltrax

Walltrax is a wonderful addition to the Play Therapy room. It can be set up prior to a child arriving at a session or can be built by the child and therapist together. Building it together can be a nice ice breaker for a highly anxious child or one who is resistant to coming for therapy. Building it together also provides the therapist with an opportunity to observe how the child works in a team to achieve the desired goal. Some children would tend to follow the Therapist's lead, whereas others may "take over" and want to direct the activity.
Walltrax requires problem solving - figuring out how to lay the track effectively in order to get the balls to roll as you want them to. It also encourages creative thinking, in that there are countless design options - it is very much up the child's imagination. Observing a child tackle the task can provide some clues to their approach to problems and thinking style, i.e. logical thinking; thinking out of the box etc. It also provides the Therapist with an opportunity to note traits such as persistence and determination; a child's reaction to something not working at first; creative and novel thinking; levels of enjoyment at achieving success; willingness to take suggestions; and, the willingness to collaborate if building it with the Therapist.
All in all a great addition to the Play Therapist's tool box.
Georgia Setzer
Counselling Psychologist
Stellenridge, Bellville
RSA Design No. A2012/01349 • RSA Design No. F2012/01345

I have been using Walltrax in my practice since February. It is such a great product and works on so many skills. It is great for planning, spatial relations, fine motor skills, in-hand manipulation and creativity plus the children really enjoy thinking out and constructing their tracks. It is a great tool to use in therapy in order to target many underlying problems and because it�s so fun it�s easy to get children to participate. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product and would really recommend it to parents and therapists.
Ashleigh Hughes
Paediatric Occupational Therapist
BSc Occupational Therapy (UCT)
MSc Occupational Therapy (WITS)


WalltraX - On the wrapping it states: Stimulates Imagination; Promotes fine Motor Skills Encourages Creativity.
I never would have thought it is possible to assist a seven year old girl to relax in such a way that she would share her deepest pain with me. This young girl was sent to various therapists in order to establish the reason for her negative behaviour. Although an initial diagnose of molesting was made, she refused to share anything with the therapists and psychologists.
WalltraX was not originally erected specifically for her, but when she entered my office, the strange spoortjies en balletjies (tracks and balls), as she called it, immediately attract her attention and she spontaneously started playing with the little balls and with marbles that was in a container close by. She played with the above mentioned with her back turned to me. While she was playing, the whole truth of her molesting enfolded, and after that session she could be referred for suitable therapy. WalltraX was not only invaluable in keeping her cognitively and creatively busy; I experienced that the different balls and marbles and the energy, or lack thereof that she used while playing with them, helped her to express her painful emotions in words.
The therapist experienced that the fact that she could isolate herself from the therapist and from the room that she was in, (her back turned to therapist) and only concentrate on the fascinating game of WalltraX, as well as the fact that she could use the balls and marbles according to the emotions she experienced while she was telling her story, opened doors in her mind that was locked for such a long time.

After she gave me all the detail, she turned around, looked me straight in the eyes and said: Dit is wat gebeur het. Ek is nou klaar gespeel. Mag ek die spoortjies en balletjies huis toe vat? (This is what happened. I am finished playing. May I take the balls and tracks home?)
Should I be asked if Walltrax could be an aid in counselling-therapy, my answer would be a definite YES!

Dr. Christa van den Berg
D.Litt et Phil (Unisa)
M.A. (Unisa) / B.A. Hons. (Unisa) / B.A (Unisa)
B.A. Hons. (Stellenbosch Univ)

Review for Walltrax
One of a speech therapist's biggest challenges is to keep children enticed and excited about therapy that mainly involves working with the intrinsic muscles of a child's mouth and tongue to help them to pronounce sounds and articulate better. And because our work does not always involve physical activities, it is hard to help them maintain their focus during therapy. Walltrax makes Articulation and Apraxia therapy, Language therapy and Stuttering therapy a lot more fun since it is a wonderful reward structure. Children are much more engaged and excited about doing oral-motor exercises. It also encourages creativity and problem solving in children and helps them to verbally reason possible solutions by placing more "trax" on the walls. Walltrax is one of those toys that can be used for all ages. It can be implemented in all types of therapy and helps children relax and engage easier during therapy. It is a great tool to facilitate prepositions and to help teach colours since it is bright and colourful. I think it's safe to say that therapists have just as much fun as the children during learning and playing!

Jacolien Britz
Speech, Language and Hearing Therapist (US)


Being a remedial teacher, I am always on the lookout for games and toys that can be used for learning in a therapeutic sense. I have found Walltrax to fit this ideal very well. It stimulates creativity, inventiveness and fine motor skills. It also keeps busy learners entertained and encourages experimentation. Thanks for a great product which really enriches the children in so many ways!

Kristin Poulter
Remedial Teacher/Psychometrist